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Compilation of Studies on Social Networks Internet Users and Brands published in 2014

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Compilation of Studies on Social Networks Internet Users and Brands published in 2014

Many of you will remember, when in 2009 we tried to make a report on Social Networks, how complicated it was to find data and professional studies that would provide us with real statistics on the profile of Internet users, platforms, use and consumption of social media. In this we have also advanced in a dizzying way and it is rare the day that reports made by banks, private or public Venezuela Mobile Database companies do not pass through our hands, which provide us with all kinds of figures, whose analysis is extremely interesting for the proper development of our work. Below I detail the reports with links that, throughout 2014, seemed more relevant to me and I hope they will be useful for your next analyzes. Comscore Digital Platforms Ranking
Social Media Studies

Venezuela Phone Number List

Study Top Trends global vision of the Digital Market 2014 IAB
First report on the Marketing Status of Influencers Augure
Study Navigators on the Net 2014 AIMC
Map of Social Networks 2014 iRedes
Study Investment in Digital Advertising 2013 IAB
Study on Brands, Commerce and Buying Habits AIMC
V Study of Social Networks 2014 IAB
Data 1st Wave EGM General and Internet 2014
Sociodemographic Profile of Spanish Internet Users 2014
Implementation of ICT in Spanish SMEs, analysis by sectors –
Hootsuite Social Business Benchmark Report 2014
I Political Barometer: 1 million of users of Social Networks think about politicians
ONTSI Report Information, Communication and Content Technologies Sector in Brother Cell Phone List

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