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Complete report on the use of the Internet and New Technologies in Spain

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Complete report on the use of the Internet and New Technologies in Spain

Last Wednesday, the Study on the Information Society 2014 carried out by Ariel and Fundación Telefónica was presented in Madrid .
The conclusions leave no room for doubt, Spain with 26.2 million users is already immersed in the Internet and the use of new technologies is increasing by leaps and bounds. Some data in the report are really striking: – USA Mobile Database, with 81.6%, leads Europe in percentage of users with a smartphone – 23% of Spaniards use Smart TV and 46.6% use consoles.
Smartphone use in Spain

-78.7% of users connect every day, although in the segment of young people aged 16 to 24 the percentage rises to 87.9%
-In terms of devices, 78.4% connect through PC, 86% with laptop, 54% with tablet, 84.4% with smartphone.

United-States-of-America Phone List
– The smartphone is used as a link to multiple devices and a high percentage of users search and comment on sports programs and events on different platforms while watching TV.
– 48.5% receive information on purchases at the time and 43% of users have already bought online
– Half of Spanish households already have broadband, more than 1.5 million have fiber optic installed.
– Paper books remain with 62% of users

This is the full report where we find multiple data of interest: Brother Cell Phone List

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