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Hazloatumanera Awards for the trajectory of Internet users

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Hazloatumanera Awards for the trajectory of Internet users

No one doubts that there are many users whose lives the Internet has changed.
Many of us have spent years betting and enjoying our work at the same time, using all the means that new technologies have put at our disposal.
But we are also seeing how brands are increasingly involved with users on social media and are looking for new formulas Turkey Mobile Database that bring them closer to their audience.
Creating a community is not an easy task and more so if it is a bank, but if it is modern and operates only through the Internet, social media is a perfect way to make yourself known and connect with those people who are on the same wavelength.
Finally a brand has thought of all of us, creating a novel formula to reward work and effort, directly involving Twitter users.
Self Bank has created the #Hazloatumanera Awards , where they aim to recognize the trajectory of the “Selfiters”, that is, those who in the digital world have managed to stand out and have achieved their success doing it in their own way.
Turkey Mobile Database

First the hashtag #hazloatumanera was created
The second step was to nominate 8 candidates, with whom they contacted through the network. Very diverse people, whose lives and occupations have nothing to do with each other, but who have stood out on the Internet.
The nominees were then invited to record an interview conducted by José Luis Izquierdo (Mago More), in which each one revealed how their life has changed thanks to the Internet, how they have managed to stand out and develop or improve their professional skills.
Today a microsite has been launched, where each Twitter user can access the videos and vote, until February 24, the testimony that they find most inspiring through their profiles that appear at this link http: Brother Cell Phone List
I have been fortunate to be nominated, along with seven other colleagues.

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Alfonso López @derechupete
Carolina and Juan @Carolinad and Castromil “
Iñaki Arrola @arrola
Miguel Angel @uriondo
Edgar González @Edgar
Eva Quevedo @blogdemadre
Manuel Moreno @Trecebits
And myself Fátima Martínez @ fmlopez48
A great award that really makes me very excited, because it recognizes our work, inside and outside the network.
Undoubtedly a creative campaign carried out by Influenzia , which will surely be consolidated in the future to reward all the “Selfiters” who work with effort and dedication, using the Internet, to fulfill our dreams.

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