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Impressive Video Mapping New Year’s Eve 2014 of Coca Cola in Madrid

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Impressive Video Mapping New Year’s Eve 2014 of Coca Cola in Madrid

From a very young age, when the end of the year came, we played at home to guess which would be the spot that would say goodbye to the year and which brand would welcome the next.
It is true that the media have already taken care of taking our surprise away, because weeks or even months before, they already publish which advertisers will be the ones who will accompany us in these emotional moments.
But this year, not even the media have been able to cheat. The Coca Cola display at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol to say goodbye to 2014 was epic for those who could experience it live.

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A massive karaoke.
The statistics provided by the MEC media agency, leave no room for doubt, it has been the brand most remembered by Vietnam Mobile Database all viewers.
Neither the gaffe of Canal Sur, by interrupting the bells with advertising, nor Cristina Pedroche, who monopolized the comments on Social Networks, could overshadow the show. After all the problems that the brand has had in Spain during 2014 due to the ERE presented in some of its factories, it improves its memory of last year by 5.5 percentage points, achieving a 21.3% recall thanks to its strategy of appear in all the national private channels, and specifically with the famous ones in Telecinco and Cuatro.
Last announcement of 2014

Mecano’s chosen song, although a bit old, was well thought out, because it guaranteed that everyone present at Puerta del Sol knew and could accompany the music with their voices. Surely the experience lived, no one will be forgotten.
Without a doubt, Coca Cola has put the batteries to continue revolutionizing the world of communication, starting by completely changing the concept of corporate website and entering the homes of millions of Brother Cell Phone List  to say goodbye to the year and welcome the new year in a shocking.

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