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iPad and tablets, drivers of mobile marketing and e-commerce

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iPad and tablets, drivers of mobile marketing and e-commerce

Consumers are using mobile for research before purchasing a product, but not for transactions. The question facing retailers is to what extent do mobile Scotland Email List transactions contribute to sales in a significant way? The answer, when the iPad gets real strength. Let’s separate the ideas:

The Smartphone is the way for mobile research

The Smartphone is ideal for consumers to pre-purchase and research products anytime, anywhere. Let’s look at some significant data:

  • Currently 6% to 8% of retail traffic is mobile, but far less than 1% of mobile transactions.
  • Consumers mainly access the price of the product, the availability and the opinions of customers.
  • The weekend is when consumers do research at least 30% more than on weekdays.
  • The transaction through the mobile is not easy for the user as the experience can be improved.
  • The implication for retailers and brands is that your competitor is always close to the consumer, so they need to improve a lot in this area to be competitive.

IPad is the ideal way for mobile commerce

The penetration of tablets is already respectable and it is expected that by the end of the year, 50 million Canada people of them will be placed on the market and that it will continue to increase. The success of the iPad has spurred competition. Let’s look at some more significant data.

  • Consumers use iPads for research and access to product information. The increase in this regard was 77%.
  • The shopping experience is simple.

How can we position the company to take the advantage that tablets are beginning to offer us?

  • Consumers want more accurate and up-to-date information with all product data. Doing so opens many doors for us.
  • Organize the screen based on “Add to shopping cart”, ensuring that the price of the product and the image are highly visible on a tablet. In addition, we must ensure that the content is easy for users to navigate, including comments from users, readers and reviews from others.
  • Optimize payment and shipping.
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