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Nutshell the new Prezi Mobile App to create short videos with photos

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Nutshell the new Prezi Mobile App to create short videos with photos

Prezi, one of the best tools to create our presentations, has launched a Mobile App called Nutshell Camara .
With this App, we can create small videos from our photos. It also allows us to personalize them by including UK Mobile Database text and animations in each frame.
Its use is very simple:
1.- We download the application
2.- We take three photos
3.- Nutshell converts them into a small video that we can edit photo by photo
4.- We include the text
5.- We include the animations
6.- We save
7.- We share

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Nutshell has a library of animated graphics that we can combine with the photographs, creating a video with a short personalized visual story. Allows instant sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, text message and WhatsApp
With this application, Prezi again opens the door to creativity Brother Cell Phone List for users and brands through short videos.

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