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Twitter now allows you to make and edit videos and send direct messages to groups

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Twitter now allows you to make and edit videos and send direct messages to groups

Without a doubt this is a week full of surprises on Twitter.
As we are informed from the Twitter Spain blog , we can finally record, edit and share videos of up to 30 seconds through the Mobile App, both on IOS and Android devices.
Direct messages to groups on Twitter
Ukraine Mobile Database

This new functionality was something demanded and expected by users, since until now we had to limit ourselves, with the exception of YouTube or Vimeo, to uploading short Vine videos (in my opinion 6 seconds are not enough if you are not a creative expert) or of other applications such as Instagram, Youtube capture, Tout … but the latter were penalized by the tool and therefore we could not see them displayed.
Now, while we tweet, we can record live videos and incorporate them into our updates. Videos can be edited and previewed in a thumbnail file and played with just one click Ukraine Mobile Database


On the other hand, Twitter also from now on, incorporates Direct Messages (DM’s) to groups. Another functionality, already announced a few days ago, but which we also waited a long time ago, to be able to involve more than one user in a private conversation. This functionality will undoubtedly be very practical both for personal topics and for a professional conversation between several members. of a group.
Of course, be very careful with the DM’s, we have already experienced several compromised situations of different users for making mistakes and publishing something private in the open.
Finally, confirm that the analytics tool is available again below each of our tweets in the mobile App.
Twitter continues to improve the platform so that no one has doubts that, at least for now, it is the best instant communication tool.
The button to take videos is right next to the one for photos

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To send messages to a group, you simply have to Group
We can include up to 20 people in a single message.

You can only invite users who follow you to a group.
Other participants in the conversation can invite their followers Brother Cell Phone List (even if not all members of the group message follow).
Users who have been blocked by a member of the group message cannot be invited.
You can start and participate in group messages using twitter.com, the Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android apps, and TweetDeck.

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