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VI Study Study Social Networks IAB 2015

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VI Study Study Social Networks IAB 2015

Yesterday, the VI Annual Study on Social Networks of the IAB was presented in Madrid, whose fieldwork was carried out in December 2014 with individuals between 18 and 55 years old, with a zoom of individuals between 14 and 17 years old.
The report reveals interesting data on positioning and use and these are the main conclusions:

In Spain, more than 14 million Internet users already use Social Networks, that is, 82% of all Internet users.
Facebook continues Uruguay Mobile Database to lead with 96% of users and longer dedication time, followed by YouTube with 66% of users, being the most valued network, followed by Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.
Most used networks in Spain

The third place is occupied by Twitter in number of users with 56% and is the second network with the highest frequency of use
Although many continue to deny, Google + occupies the fourth position with 34%, which shows once again that it is not a phantom network, although it is not highly valued.Uruguay Mobile Database
Instagram with 26% climbs positions until it is placed in fifth place.
In terms of frequency, use is 3.6 days a week.
89% of users follow a brand
Facebook is the platform where the most brands are followed, followed by Twitter and Instagram
Women use Facebook more, while men use Brother Cell Phone List  Twitter and Google+. In the case of Google+, the most adult users stand out.
52% of users agree with advertising on Social Networks
Social Networks influence the purchase process for 70% of users
Social Networks Study 2015

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This is the reduced report in case you want to see more data

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