A wide variety of disciplines were taught under its roof and students were required to practice

The approaches of bauhaus in graphic design will mark all his processes up to the present, creating a style and the guidelines by which it will be developed. In this article we will delve into knowing a little about its history, its main approaches and how bauhaus has influenced current graphic design . The bauhaus school in graphic design. The bauhaus school was founded by walter gropuis in weimar, germany. It officially opened its doors in 1919. Six years later it moved to dessau and later to berlin.

The bauhaus school in graphic design

The school had to endure the continuous control and interference of the nazi government and only remained open for 14 years, but despite this, its approaches produced a Latvia Phone Number movement that will mark the influence of bauhaus on graphic design to this day. The bauhaus movement was a reaction to the lack of soul in industrial manufacturing. The designers and creators of the 20th century felt that art was losing its place in society. In conclusion, Given this, the school adopted industrial thinking to apply it to the methods of crafts, design and architecture.

A wide variety of disciplines were taught under

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This allowed the bauhaus designers to create their own style compatible with industrialization . A wide variety of disciplines were taught under its roof and students were required to practice each of them regardless of their main area of ​​learning. Painting, architecture, graphic design, furniture design, typography were studied, and graphic design stood out at bauhaus . In conclusion, They were the first school in the world to include graphic design as a discipline of such importance as the fine arts.

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Inesem business school master of lifelong learning in graphic design + 60 ects credits more information form follows function the phrase “form follows function” is always present in today’s design. Any designer, architect or craftsman has these concepts in mind in his work. In conclusion, The pioneers in thinking about it were the professionals of the bauhaus school in graphic design. Painters, architects, designers, etc. Participated here. Who were not only teachers, but also theoreticians and thinkers of their time and discipline. Bauhaus reconciled theoretical and intellectual art with practical skills, crafts and techniques. Despite the fact that it was forced to close in 1933, this form-function union would be its main

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