Altering and Uploading Free MP3’s and MP3 Ring Tones to Your Blue Tooth Enabled Cell Phone

A straightforward method for altering and transferring free MP3’s and MP3 ring tones to your blue tooth empowered mobile phone. All out expense is around ten dollars for programming and hardware.


I am a do it without anyone else’s help sort of individual and a penny pincher. At the point when I bought my telephone a Motorola V550 ( I think) I was guaranteed that I could transfer tunes to the telephone and download photographs from my telephone to my PC.The individual at the store couldn’t reveal to me how to do it however “the tech administration individuals would know how”. I went through hours on the telephone with Cingular and Motorola lastly had the option to send photographs from the telephone to my PC by means of messages. Everyone I addressed continued attempting to sell me an Internet perusing bargain. By chance when you get your telephone this capacity isn’t enabled.You don’t need to pursue a month to month plan yet the telephone must be empowered. I presume that Cingular does this intentionally so they can sell you additional administrations. The best way to get ringtones was to get them. I paid three or four bucks each for two or three ringtones that I didn’t especially like. I came thusly for about a year. I purchased a USB wire hookup Dongle? thingy or what ever from the Cingular store and still had no karma.

I was at a fourth of July get together and a few people had diverse mp3’s as ringtones on their telephones. We had the option to stack a couple on my telephone by means of Blue tooth shockingly simple. I asked everybody how they got the firsts on their telephones and everything I could learn was that “some buddy with blue tooth” had stacked a few and the tunes had spread out from that point.

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From that point I was on a crucial. I Googled and posed inquiries on newsgroups without much of any result. I was a little astonished that the Blue tooth site had nothing on this. Same with Motorola and Cingular. Since I initially composed this guide I changed to a LG, same deal.I get it’s a mystery 🙂

So I purchased a Blue tooth Dongle and made sense of it myself. Fortunately it is extremely simple.

This is the manner by which I did it with my Motorola telephone:

Purchase a blue tooth USB Dongle. I paid just shy of ten bucks. Note: Shop around, to the extent I know a ten dollar dongle fills in tantamount to a thirty dollar one. Costs truly fluctuate.

My telephone doesn’t have a huge amount of memory and I needn’t bother with a three moment ringtone so I Edit my MP3s to make them shorter. MP3 Direct cut is a complimentary gift and appears to work OK, Get it at:zdnet website

Introduce it

Pick File Open pick your document

Hit Play

Hit set start were you need your music to start

Hit set end where you need your music to end

Spare the document (set up a record only for ring tones for effortlessness purpose)

Introduce the duplicate of Blue Soleil that accompanies the Dongle. the main issue I ran into was that it requested a driver from my Win XP circle that I didn’t have. So I utilized the inquiry capacity and discovered it at: C:windowI386

Plug in your Dongle.United-Arab-Emirates Mobile Database

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