BlackBerry Phone Reviews (1 of 3)

This will be the first of three articles where I survey the vast majority of BlackBerry’s more up to date telephones. If it’s not too much trouble observe, I have clearly not utilized or possessed the entirety of the telephones recorded beneath, and this guide is to be utilized more as a kind of perspective when settling on a purchasing choice. I am endeavoring to solidify my contemplations alongside those of a couple of companions of mine.

The things audited in this article will be the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, Pearl 8120, and the Pearl 8130. The subsequent article will concentrate on the BlackBerry Curve 8300, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, and Curve 8330. The keep going article will concentrate on BlackBerry’s new 8800 arrangement telephones.

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 – The 8110 has fused the new incorporated GPS for use while out and about. We saw the GPS administration as extraordinary during our one time use. The implicit camera additionally took clear pictures and had a mirror for self representations. The battery time is good, appraised at 4.5 long stretches of talk time. There were just two objections. To begin with, the testing of the speakerphone framework didn’t go great. We by and by saw no correspondence issues, yet the individual on the opposite side of the telephone thought the sound was marginally indistinct. Additionally, this telephone does not have the coordinated Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 – The 8120 consolidates the coordinated Wi-Fi that the 8110 needs. The telephone additionally flaunts the capacity to do video recording notwithstanding having a 2.0 megapixel camera. Lamentably, the video recording is less than impressive and the this telephone does not have the coordinated GPS. I surmise you need to take the awful with the great.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8130 – The elder sibling to the 8110 and 8120, the Pearl 8130 enhances a couple of the prior model’s deficits. The 8130 games incorporated GPS, video recording, a 2.0 megapixel camera, and an overhauled Web program. In the event that you do a lot of Web perusing, I would recommend this telephone over the 8110 and 8120, as the speed is observable quicker. Once more, no Wi-Fi is accessible in this model.

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