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Building Your Fan Base – 5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts for Your Songwriting Email List

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Building Your Fan Base – 5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts for Your Songwriting Email List

If used nicely, a appearing songwriter’s most treasured advertising asset can be his e-mail listing. A lot of songwriters put all of their promotional efforts into the cutting-edge social media sites, like Facebook, Belgium Email List Twitter and Reverb Nation without thinking about the advantages of having an e-mail publication.

The main benefit of an email listing, is it is an instantaneous way of communicating together with your fans, via sending them a message to their inbox. That’s extra than you may say for the social networking websites, which come off greater as blasts to whoever takes place to be viewing your feed at that moment.

The other fundamental gain of an email listing over social networking sites is social media websites come and pass (together with the lovers attached to those pages), at the same time as e mail isn’t going anywhere inside the foreseeable destiny. Think approximately all and sundry who had 10,000 fans on their MySpace pages. What desirable are ones fans now? Had the ones enthusiasts been e-mail addresses, no longer handiest might they nonetheless be valid, but they’d be capable of get direct emails, rather than just status updates.belgium business mailing list

That’s not to mention you shouldn’t have both an email list and a social media presence, due to the fact have both is ideal. But you furthermore might need to recognize that having a Twitter or Facebook page isn’t always always a alternative for an email e-newsletter.

Having stated that, allow’s have a look at a few dos and don’ts to get you began together with your email Newsletter.


1. DO Offer a fab incentive for people to enroll in your electronic mail listing. This can be something alongside the lines of presenting your today’s track at no cost. Make sure it’s some thing of value to your fanatics. Put your self of their footwear. What would get you to enroll in an artist’s email list, if you have been them?

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2. DO supply price in your emails. You want people to need to open up and read emails from you, so deliver them stuff they will care about. Maybe you may proportion an embarrassing second that took place to you onstage, if you’re a great storyteller. Or maybe, you’ll share articles you observed on-line which you think could be useful in your readers. Only you can understand what is first-rate to your lovers. Get creative and make it about them as a good deal as you may.

3. DO have a “name to motion” to your emails. That way specially tell your fans what you need them to do. That can mean telling them to come back to a show, purchase a CD, or vote on your song somewhere online. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Four. DO use an e mail corespondent carrier so people can unsubscribe out of your email list, in the event that they determine they now not need to receive it. I’ll communicate greater about that in a minute.

Five. DO provide it a cool call. Maybe rather than just calling it an e mail publication, you could call it your Backstage Pass Club, or some thing like that. Kick around a few thoughts that would work nicely for your style and your lovers.


1. DON’T unsolicited mail. That means don’t placed human beings for your listing who didn’t request to be there.

2. DON’T ship out messages via gmail, mail, AOL, or every other personal e mail carrier. If you’re simply backing a variety of human beings thru a personal electronic mail account, it is in all likelihood you may have your e mail account suspended. Plus it offers no way for someone to opt-from your mailing list. And it’s not cool.

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3. DON’T be dishonest. If you tell humans your publication is month-to-month, do not ship out an email every day. It’s the fastest way to lose the consider of your target audience and get human beings to unsubscribe.

4. DON’T use your newsletters for promoting simplest. While it is an approach a few humans use, it’s just not as effective as providing content similarly to merchandising. While direct electronic mail is the satisfactory manner to get your enthusiasts to come to a display or buy a CD, if this is all you ever ask of them, they’ll get uninterested in it, fast. Provide them some thing of fee, in addition to inquiring for a name to motion.

With all that during mind, right here are a few additional hints on having an email corespondent.

If you are uncertain about what an email corespondent is, it is essentially online software program that lets you send out emails to whoever you have got to your e mail list. The blessings it has over conventional e mail, is you may track the overall performance of every message you ship. Canada people That consists of understanding what number of human beings are starting your emails and clicking on hyperlinks to your messages. This way, you know how nicely your messages are acting. From there, in case you’re getting low open rates, you may alternate your method to increase your readership. An corespondent also gives humans the danger to unsubscribe from you list in each electronic mail you send, so they’re not trapped into receiving your e mail if they now not need to.

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If you are a songwriter new to having an email list, the nice region to begin, in my view, is Reverb Nation. If you do not already recognize, Reverb Nation is a social media web page especially designed for music acts. You can attract tune fanatics, submit your tune, and community with other artists on the website. But the best element is, they’ve an e-mail corespondent built into their site. It’s Called Fan Reach. And aside from it being included with your Reverb Nation tune page, it’s loose (if you’re email listing is much less than 5 hundred human beings). So, it is a exceptional region to begin. Since its integrated with Reverb Nation’s social networking song website online, you may easily upload your tune, display dates, and different cool stuff into the emails you send out. And if you decide to stay with them beyond 500 e mail subscribers, their monthly prices are decrease than a whole lot of the other e mail transponders out there. You can check out Fan Reach here:

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