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The meantime you also have to Sri Lanka Phone Number   replace that colleague who is on vacation himself. But whether you’re working through the summer or sipping a cocktail on the beach, there’s always time to read a book. Get inspired by these book tips from the Frankwatching community! 1. 4,000 weeks Your Time on Earth and How to Sri Lanka Phone Number  Manage It – Author: Oliver Burkeman 4000 weeks book cover.The average human life ends after 72.6 years. Then you have about 4,000 weeks on this globe. Do you think that is a lot or does it sound shockingly little? It may not be a pleasant thought, but it can also be extremely Sri Lanka Phone Number valuable and inspiring to think about it. How do you best spend your limited time?

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Burkeman’s book goes into this in more detail. Arjan Sri Lanka Phone Number Broere says in his extensive review about the book: “ 4,000 weeks is an encouragement to want less but then to do it better. All you have is that you are here now and that is actually more than enough.” 2. Number 1 This is how you become the best-known name in the Sri Lanka Phone Number  market and you get customers for life – Author: Aartjan van Erkel Number 1 book cover.For years, sharing free knowledge has been seen as the holy grail of increasing brand awareness. But according to Aartjan van Erkel, you no longer distinguish yourself with that Sri Lanka Phone Number these days. How do you stand out? By entertaining! In her review , Kim Pot addresses the 6 commandments of email marketing. Send entertaining emails, not spam.

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Surprise with  and also provide a Sri Lanka Phone Number bit of variety. Read more about these commandments in her article. Nice to get started with that! Kim Pot about the book. I have two sheets of new ideas in my notebook that I can Sri Lanka Phone Number work with. Highly recommended for every entrepreneur and marketing professional.” 3. Socrates on sneakers Practical Guide to Asking Good Questions – Author: Elke Wiss Socrates on sneakers book cover.In response to our call on our LinkedIn page for professional book tips, Tessa Sri Lanka Phone Number Evers responded: “I recommend books that are not directly about your field, but broaden your knowledge.” And she immediately came up with this fascinating tip.

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