Comprehensive Bestseller Reorder Review: Everything You Need to Know


What is the bestseller reordering?

In a nutshell, Bestsellers reSort is an Algeria Mobile Number online selling app that enables Shopify merchants to organize their products whenever they want. It’s USP in the plugin’s tagline; ‘ Sell more products by automatically categorizing your products. “

According to the best-selling book reSort on the Shopify App Store, this plugin helps e-commerce merchants organize millions of products every day. Whether you sell a few products or thousands, Bestsellers reSort can help you automate your product range across multiple locations.


Who Should Reorder Using Bestsellers?

There are many ways the Shopify app can use it. However, to give you a better idea of ​​its versatility, here are some examples:

1. If you  selling food (or other perishable items) online, they will have an expiration date. So with bestseller reordering, you can use tags to Algeria Mobile Number place expiring products higher up in the product catalog. Maybe you can also run these at a lower price to try and sell this potentially dead stock faster?

2. Are all your products unique? You can randomly select ordered products that appear in the product catalog. This ensures that every time someone visits your store, your store looks fresh and lively.

3. If you are an online fashion boutique , you can use tags to organize your collection by season, year, color, style, and more. This is great for organizing, promoting and ordering new stock.


Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

How much do bestsellers cost to reorder?

The bestseller reSort offers four different Algeria Mobile Number packages, all with a seven-day free trial period, which we’ll go into in more detail below: Again, the key upgrade here is the number of products that BestSellers reSort can handle for you. For just $11.99 per month, you can manage a digital store selling up to 99 products across 4,999 collections. Of course, you’ll get all the other features we’ve previously listed on the free tier.

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