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I will show you how to follow the blogs you follow in the easiest way possible. It’s about creating and managing content feeds. Continue reading to learn more. Contents 1. Why manage your content feeds? 2. How to find blogs to follow 3. How to follow blogs 3.1 What is an RSS feed? 3.2 What if a blog I like has no RSS? 3.3 How to check a website’s RSS feed via Feed Burner 4. Best tools to track blogs with 4.1 Watcher Spy 4.2 Nourishing 4.3 Charger 4.4 Inbreeder 4.5 Flipboard 5. Closing Why manage your content feeds? As a blogger, you need to follow other experts and influencers to stay on top of your game. I myself have a blogging network that I follow for every facet of blogging. There are Email Marketing Heroes for email marketing, Back link for SEO and much more.


Whatever your niche you need to be constantly

On the lookout for the latest Peru Phone Number trends that will give you a competitive edge. And in the past, I got by just by bookmarking blogs that I follow. Google Chrome bookmarks to safeguard There is just one problem: The more blogs you follow, the harder it is to track their content. This is where I learned the art of consolidated web content feed management. Content Feed Management Meme to safeguard Sound fancy? It’s just a way to use automated blog trackers to get the web’s most valuable content all in one place.  Here are some of the easy steps to do this.


Use Google Search You can use Google to quickly find blogs to follow in your niche

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Just attach a relevant keyword to the phrase “best blogs” and you have heaps of sites to choose from.  Google the Best Crochet Blogs to safeguard Here are some other search queries you can use to find blogs using Google: Top [niches] blogs of [current year] Popular [niche] bloggers [Niche] blogs at [location] 2. Use BuzzSumo BuzzSumo is a simple content search tool that rounds up popular content using keywords and domains. You can use it to find top blogs just by entering a keyword. What’s great about BuzzSumo is that it lists content based on user engagement, not just search engine rankings. This means that you are guaranteed to find bloggers who can produce very valuable and informative content. Blogs to follow on BuzzSumo to safeguard.

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