Get a Jump on 2017: 11 Content Marketing Ebooks You Shouldn’t Miss

One of my favorite ways to improve understanding of our industry is through in-depth e-books that examine the current landscape, chart viable paths to improvement, or simply challenge us to get a little creative in pursuing our goals. Here are 11 of the top resources the CMI team has produce in e-book format over the past year – all of which are design to support your future endeavors and better prepare you for content marketing success, no matter what. future. shop.

Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

Cmi’s annual research. Reports are among the most cite studies in the content marketing. Industry. For 2017, our team took the conversation in a new direction by. Taking a closer look at some specific tactics, techniques, and actions use by top Singapore Phone Number performing. Organizations. For example, our b2b study found that 85% of top performers deliver content .consistently, compare to 58% of the overall sample and 32% of. Bottom performers. The results not only point content marketers. Toward best practices for various industry segments (including b2b, b2c, manufacturing, and. Nonprofits), but they also. Accurately reflect the evolution of our sector.

The 2017 Content Marketing Framework: 5 Building Blocks for Profitable and Scalable Operations

Singapore Phone Number
Singapore Phone Number

Much has changed since CMI unveil its first framework of principles governing content marketing in 2014. To reflect the changes we have experienced throughout the evolution of the industry – and the insights we have gathered along the way – we’ve updated and improved our original discussion. Think of this e-book as a program of sorts, covering the five building blocks need to run successful, scalable, and highly strategic content marketing operations.

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