Having a specialist in Search Engine Optimization will allow your

Website and blog content of your Growth Marketing strategy not to get lost in the sea of ​​Google results. In Growth Marketing, various disciplines converge to create a strategy that generates lasting relationships with your customers. How to start growth marketing strategies? Before starting a Growth Marketing strategy, it is important to lay the foundations that allow us to obtain positive results for our brand. Regardless of whether you will carry out the strategy on your own without having the professional profile, or if you will hire the services of a Growth Marketer to execute the actions, it is vital that you know how the strategy works in order to know how to act at the right time. As the basis of your Growth Marketing strategy, it is important to develop the following.

At this point you should definitely use your company’s buyer personas

As you will remember, a buyer person is Kuwait Phone Number a semi-fictional representation of the ideal client for your brand, product or service. In this way we will address demographic elements such as: Location Age Gender studies completed Socioeconomic level Psychographic elements such as: Pleasures motivations fears These will allow you to get a broader picture of our target audience. Thus, we will able to create effective communicative messages and select the means to transmit them to the target audience. In fact, another way to get new audiences is through surveys.

This technique will allow you to obtain data such as names surnames

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Email or telephone number of users who empathize with your brand, while obtaining qualitative information about your product or service by giving a space to know the virtues, and even points of improvement. of your commercial offer. 2. Develop marketing content Once our target audience has defined, now it ‘s time to define what we really want to communicate to them through our Growth Marketing strategy. This is when, together with your content team, they will select the ideal formats to send the messages of your marketing strategy . Among the most common are: 2.1. Video Without a doubt , video remains one of the main formats to consider in Growth Marketing campaigns and digital marketing in general.

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