How to make a resume for the field of marketing?

The curriculum is the main element to apply for a job offer, and therefore must be adapted to the vacancy to which you want to apply.

We understand that writing a resume is not easy, since it must capture the attention of the recruiter and stand out from the rest of the candidates.

It is more complicated if it is your first job or if you want to go to an area such as the field of digital marketing.

To help you with this we have prepared this article in which we will tell you everything you need to make a successful resume and excel in job offers.

What is a curriculum vitae?
The curriculum vitae – career of life – also called resume or CV, can be considered as a  list that summarizes your academic preparation, Brazil Email List professional experience and the skills that make you ideal for a certain position.

In this way you tell recruiters who you are, what areas you specialize in and what you can contribute to the company if they hire you.

In summary we can say that the curriculum is your cover letter.

The curriculum can boost or bury your opportunities in the professional field when looking for a job, so you must dedicate time and effort to do it.

Characteristics of a good resume
Now, many wonder what characteristics a resume should have to stand out from the rest and increase the chances of obtaining the requested position.

Among the main characteristics that we can mention are:

Format and structure
Curriculum vitae
A well-structured, legible resume with an attractive design and valuable content will open doors for you to get the job of your dreams.
1. Readability
Readability is vital in the recruitment process as a significant number of resumes typically arrive when an advertised job comes out, and highlighting can be a bit more difficult than it sounds.

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How does this affect you? The selection process begins with a first superficial review of the CVs that arrive, discarding those that at first sight do not fall in love and are not clear .

So that your CV is not in those that appear in the first round, it must be legible in such a way that it attracts the recruiter’s attention.

This part includes important factors such as the appropriate extension and the keywords that will capture your attention when you have it in your hands.

Many wonder how long or short a CV should be because too much information can overwhelm the recruiter and too little can result in a lack of interest from the recruiter.

The recommendation is that it be a single sheet – unless you have more than 10 years of work experience, where you can extend yourself with an additional sheet – where you summarize the most important.

Many make the mistake of putting everything they have to say on the résumé which can affect the interview – if they make it to this stage – because there is no more to say.

Multi-sheet resumes can be cumbersome and may not be fully reviewed, so be concise when writing.

Keywords and copywriting
Use keywords or keywords when writing the content of your CV, in this way when they review it, it will capture the attention of the reader, increasing the chances of moving on to the next round.

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