How to Make an Easy and Free Linktree on Instagram

Instagram is one of the right social media to build brand awareness . For that, it is very important to include all business links on Instagram profiles . Unfortunately, you can only load one link on your Instagram profile. However, you can include various links on Instagram if you know how to create a Linktree .

Including a link on your Instagram profile is very important for you to do. When the audience has begun to be tempted by posts from Instagram, of course it will be Venezuela Phone Number easier when they directly click on the available link to buy. This is all you can do if you know how to build a Linktree.

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1 What is Linktree?
2 Ways to Create a Linktree on Instagram
2.1 Access Linktree Site
2.2 How to Create a Linktree Account
2.3 Complete Account Information
2.4 Choose a Linktree Plan
2.5 Email Verification
2.6 How to Create a Linktree Link
2.7 Share Linktree to Other Media
3 Benefits of Using Linktree on Instagram
4 Conclusion

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a platform for placing multiple links in just one link. By using Linktree, you can list various business links in just one link. You can include your social media, Whatsapp , marketplace and business website links in just one link.

You can place this link on various platforms or media that you have. Not only business links that you can include, you can use Linktree for various purposes. Through Linktree, you can increase the potential traffic from every link you have, both websites , social media and marketplaces .

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how to make linktree

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Then, is Linktree paid? Well, interestingly you can use this platform for free or paid. However, there are some features that you can only use in the paid version. Even so, you can still use the basic features to build Linktree from the free version.

So, what are the

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features that can only be used in the paid version? If you use the paid version of Linktree, you can use various other features such as unlimited links , leap links , video links , link thumbnails , social icons and so on. You can also change the background of the Linktree view to your liking.

Well, for the paid version itself, there are several options available on Linktree. You can choose from three options namely Starter, Pro and Premium. The prices themselves vary, ranging from Rp. 39,000 to Rp. 220,000. Each of these paid versions has its own excellent features that you can choose according to your business needs.


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