Keys to improve the online experience, increase satisfaction and avoid pissed off customers

Electronic commerce in Spain reached a total turnover of 2,822.6 million euros in the first quarter of 2013, 15.1% more than in the same period of 2012. This record represents a new all-time high, according to the latest Report on electronic commerce through means of payment entities published by the CMT.

Before this new scenario, every day more 挪威电话号码表 companies and businesses make the leap to the network to expand their businesses and take advantage of the full potential of e-commerce. However, this is not at all an easy challenge to carry out if we do not take into account certain important aspects. 

Achieving satisfied customers must be the maxim of any business. When what is managed is a physical store we can see live the reaction of customers when entering the premises, they walk through the 加拿大人 different sections and arrive at the cash register to pay. If they get upset that we don’t accept a credit card, we’ll find out at that time. Perhaps that is why it is easier to know where to start improving offline. In an online store there is no such direct feedback, we must rely on analytics and above all, our main tool, apply common sense. 

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