Suspended account on Amazon. How to reactivate an account in Seller Central

You may have wondered what to do if. You have a suspende. Amazon account on amazon seller . Some of the reasons why your account .Could blocke. Is due to non-compliance with a sales policy or poor. Performance of your account .Amazon focuses a lot on the end customer and if. The marketplace feels that you. Violate any of its rules harming them. It is possible that they do not want you to. Sell on their website. But if by mistake you have fallen into any of these cases, there is a solution. We give you the keys and the reasons why amazon could have suspended your seller account .Reasons why you may have a suspende. Amazon seller account. There are three main reasons why. Amazon could suspend your account. Poor performance either because. Your shipments are not going out on time. Or are being cancele .That you have violate their sales .Policies such as buying fake reviews. Or sell products that are not authorized. Suspension for poor performance.


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The amazon limit our account. Would be at risk of being suspended. When could this happen. The moment we have a high percentage. Of orders with bad reviews or. That have been returned. Another reason could be that. The maximum delivery time has been exceeded. This means that we have shipped the orders late. Non-compliance with sales policies it is very important  Romania Phone Number to amazon that all of its sellers comply with the sales policies and code of conduct. In seller central we can find the complete collection, but some of them are manipulations in reviews or fake reviews by making fake orders to make them. Creating false or misleading content, attempting to influence search results or any other trick to manipulate any part of the sales or purchase service. Sell ​​unauthorized product amazon has a number of restrictions regarding products, not everything can be sold. This list is quite extensive and we can find it within their restriction policies.

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Suspended amazon account other reasons


Why amazon might block your account there are other types of problems that appear when two or more accounts are related to the same owner or company. This can happen for various reasons, such as a person opening a new account because the previous one went wrong. But this is a bad idea because if amazon detects that this has happened it will close both accounts. In these cases, the funds are also withheld until you prove that there has been an error . Although this is not the only case, since it could happen that two partners of the same business go their separate ways and open two different accounts on amazon. Here it would again detect that there are two different accounts for the same company. On the other hand, it could happen that we have only one account but that we have opened it from another place with another ip.




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