Taiwan’s first “roller guardrail” is piloted on Beiyi Highway, which is expected to greatly reduce the accident fatality rate of the road section

The Roller Barrier. Which establish for many years in Japan.The Unit States. China and other countries. UYses the roller design to buffer the impact force of the vehicle. And plays a dual role in protecti. The accident vehicle and the guardrail itself. Today. The Beiyi Highway  nine turns and eighteen turns . Aso pilot Taiwan’s first rolling guardrail! The rotating cylinder of the rolling guardrail is made of composite material of EVA and polyurethane. Which is not only anti-collision but also highly elastic. And can be restor. To its original shape be strongly impact.


The most important thing is to buffer

The damage caused by the Nepal Phone Number accident of the vehicle. It is widely us in South Korea. Japan, the United States and other countries, and at the same time greatly reduces the accident fatality rate of road sections. In Taiwan, the Beiyi Highway has many sharp turns and large traffic flow, and it is easy to fall off the slope when an accident occurs. In order to reduce the accident rate, after adjusting the speed limit, interval speed measurement and other law enforcement methods, the traffic unit this time from ” After the accident”, we set up a rolling guardrail next to the curve at 19.4K of Beiyi Highway, hoping to use this facility to buffer the impact caused by the accident and reduce the casualties of people and vehicles caused by the accident. However, the original design is the most ideal for the protection of the car. Beiyi Highway is a popular place for two-wheelers.

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Due to the small model and high seat height of


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The motorcycle, it is quite easy for the rider to directly hit the rotating drum in the event of an accident, and may even exceed The guardrail is flying high, and the actual effect of its facilities on the locomotives remains to be determined. The rolling guardrail at 19.4K of Beiyi Highway has just been completed in early November. Whether it can actually bring about a significant change in the accident injury rate of this road section in the future still needs actual cases and time to prove it, regardless of the road planning. And how to add restrictions and protective measures in the design, passers-by must still maintain a correct driving concept in order to fundamentally reduce the accident rate. This article was published with the authorization of Moto7 Professional Locomotive Information Network , and the original text was published h

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