Tencent 2018 School Recruitment Questions: Uninhabited Number Island Business Plan

Tencent 2018 School Recruitment Questions: Uninhabited Island Business Plan. The industry generally believes that the difficulties in island development are, on the one hand, the problems of fresh water, transportation and power resources, and on the other hand, how to identify the rules and product positioning. Difficult to attract people.

If you are an entrepreneurial team, please draw up a business plan for the development of the uninhabited island, in order to attract | investor investment, the business plan includes but is not limited to: product positioning and main functions of the uninhabited island, how to promote and Attracting foot traffic, preliminary development plans and cycles, etc.

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Inspection ability:

  • thinking divergence ability
  • logical thinking ability
  • planning ability

Problem solving ideas:

  • What is the definition of an uninhabited island, and what problems are there that are difficult to solve (status quo, problems)
  • What is the positioning of the Malaysia Phone Number uninhabited island like (determine the direction)
  • In what way can we solve the problems of uninhabited islands and turn the disadvantage into the advantage (how to improve)
  • What is the way to get customers? (how to land)
  • What does the development plan look like? (how to plan)

Reference answer:

(1) What is an “uninhabited island”?

  1. Uninhabited islands are not uninhabited, but uninhabited islands;
  2. Tencent 2018 School of the reasons for the failure of the development of uninhabited islands is the underestimation of the difficulties of development: infrastructure investment, supporting facilities investment, market development, etc. require strong financial strength and a long payback period;
  3. The fragile ecological environment is the biggest problem in the development of uninhabited islands.
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(2) target users

Young people between the ages of 25-35 are keen on all kinds of new things.

(3) Island positioning

An exciting paradise for young people to explore + play (realistic version of PUBG: Eating Chicken)

(4) How to attract users in the early stage

Malaysia phone number

Turn unfavorable into favorable:

Tencent 2018 School title clearly pointed out that the uninhabited islands are very scarce in traffic, water sources and electricity, and everyone is no longer used to the kind of sunshine, waves and beach-style photos. So you can change your thinking, combine the uninhabited island with the currently very popular game – PUBG Mobile, truly restore the game scene, and turn the shortcomings of the uninhabited island into advantages.

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