The Title of Your Page Can Put the Keywords

Use interesting keywords
use keywords that attract potential customers to make them really want to buy your product. For example, you sell wooden watches on shopify. You can add keywords and phrases such as buy wooden watches, cheap wooden watches, original wooden watches.

Put the keyword in the right place

after getting the appropriate keywords. You can put these keywords in sections such as:

the title of your page can put the keywords you are targeting the title for. For example, if you want to improve the page on your homepage, then you can put those keywords in the homepage title section.

Meta description meta description is the description section that explains the information on the page briefly and clearly. It is located under the title. You can put keywords in this section. Then, create an attractive description along with a combination of keywords that are installed to increase the ctr (click through rate) on your website pages.
Image description & alt tags people can also search through image search on google. For that, so that your product images can also appear on google image searches, then add an alt tag. Not only that, change the name of your image file according to the keywords you are targeting to

make it easier for the seo optimization process.

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Headers & titles (h1 tags) make sure all your product pages have descriptive headers and are in h1 tag format.
Product description include your keywords in the product description to help google find your page.

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4. Connect your page and content with internal links
internal links are an important factor for seo optimization. You can Hong Kong Phone Number use internal links on all pages of your website by linking content that is mutually relevant. For example on the product page, of course the product is a derivative of the product category. So that product pages that have links in one category with other product pages can be interrelated.

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