This Christmas shopping will be more than ever multichannel

The practice of users to search and compare products and prices through all devices, and in all possible ways, whether 加拿大人 online or offline is more common every day. What can benefit retailers in order to combat show rooming.

The Christmas season is approaching, the strongest of the year by far. This year, North American consumers plan to spend the same as last year on their purchases, as reflected in July by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Only 8.9% intend to spend more. The segment of the market that will spend the most money on their Christmas shopping is that of parents with children (between 30 and 45 years old).

The “Holiday Shopping Preview” report, published by 巴拿马电话号码表 eMarketer shows that 23.7% of the sales registered by electronic commerce during all of 2013 will be concentrated between November and December. This amounts to a figure close to 63 billion dollars.

The data shows a growth in commerce through mobile devices, especially in the case of tablets. Already in March of this year, IBM reported that the iPad had surpassed the iPhone in terms of the volume of referential traffic from retailers, representing 10% of visits and a conversion rate of 4.4%.

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