Webinar: what is it, how is it done and what is it for?

Have you ever attended or had a webinar? This content format is one of the most interesting, and one of those that —depending on its quality— has the greatest value for the user.

When a brand is creating its content marketing strategy , it is very important that it first take into account its buyer persona , the objectives, philosophy and essence of the brand, so that it can choose the formats that best suit them.

The webinar is the type Antarctica Email List of content you might be looking for, if your intention is to convey knowledge in a slightly deeper and closer way.

So, do you want to know what it is and how to make your own webinar? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know, in order for you to have a more solid marketing strategy .

What is a webinar?
Do you know what the word webinar means? In simple terms, webinar combines the words web + seminar in the English language, while in Spanish it means network + seminar.

In this way, a webinar is content – in video format – that fulfills the same function as a conference, workshop or webinar, and that is delivered through the internet, generally on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

One of its main characteristics is that it takes place live, with the assistance of a group of people who signed up in advance.

The webinar is not just about giving a one-way talk and that’s it, but it should seek to interact with users, so that the content is more enriching and that most of the participants’ doubts are answered.

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This can be done in a single session or in several, and after finishing the sessions you can Canada People choose to upload the videos to the networks, so that people who could not attend can consume said video in the same way.

This gives you the possibility of having very interesting additional content on your calendar.

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What is a webinar for?
But why is it so useful? What is the use of making one?

Surely you have noticed that, with the imminent adaptation of the digital age, many professionals and brands began to carry out these “live” on their pages, and having quite a success.

The main reason: they generate greater engagement with their target audience.

In fact, this is because the webinar is essentially an educational content, that is, a tool to teach people about certain topics – some simple and others quite complex – without the barrier of having to attend. a physical place.

Thanks to this, an expert teacher in a niche can transmit his teachings to users in various places.

Now, in terms of digital marketing , we can highlight the following utilities:

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