What Is A Good First Phone Choice For My Child?

If you have made the decision that your child is responsible enough to own a cell phone, and you believe it is a necessity that he/she has one, you may be wondering what a good first phone choice is for your child. Nepal Mobile Database

There are different phone models available for children, and the vast majority of these phones are designed with parental controls. It is important that you choose a phone that has parental control features that allow you to monitor your child’s phone activities and whereabouts. After all, although a cell phone can be a wonderful safety tool for children, it can also be costly, and children may receive calls from stranger. Therefore, as a parent, it is vital that you are in control of your child’s phone.

The following are two kids’ cell phone companies that offer good first phone choices for children:

Firefly – Firefly offers the flyPhone and the glowPhone. Their phones have parental control features including a PIN-protected phone list that is parent-programmed. In other words, only you can enter in the phone numbers you want your child to have access to in their phone book. This allows you to limit incoming and outgoing calls. The firefly phones also have speed-dial keys for “Mom” and “Dad”, as well as a button for 911 emergency calls.

Wherifone – Wherifone is the smallest GPS (Global Positioning System) cell phone in the world and is designed for children. It enables parents to track the position (location) of their child at anytime. It has an “SOS” button for emergencies, as well as offers a way for parents to control costs with the 5 pre-programmable dialing buttons feature.

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