What is content creation and what is it for?

The internet is full of information, websites, advertising, and various content, so you need to be smart in your techniques to attract the attention of a target audience. Within digital marketing there are various strategies to get leads that become customers and one way to do it is with the creation of quality digital content.

Nobody wants to be constantly bombarded with ads every time they are on a social network or trying to find information on a search engine, which is why Bulgaria Email List creating interesting content is a way to get potential customers to find you on their own. By distributing targeted content, you provide your target audience with something that they are interested in, rather than a generic ad that will possibly be ignored.

Content creation is the development of products with informational value or entertainment purposes, such as blog texts, videos, graphics, infographics, podcasts, webinars, etc. The formats are varied, but they have in common that they present the information in an attractive and digestible way for the individuals to whom it is directed.

In a scenario where a large number of people use programs or extensions in their browsers to get rid of Ads, or completely mistrust the information in advertisements, a content creation strategy is the answer to become a reliable source of information. and services.

The content marketing is basically the digital content creation in order to distribute them to various channels or platforms and attract the attention of users to turn their heads to see a business or brand naturally. This is an essential part of the inbound marketing methodology.

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A content strategy to succeed on the internet , hand in hand with SEO, is an important part of a marketing plan that aims to organically increase traffic to a website and increase the number of leads in a database. In the same way, it will serve in an integral way for the nutrition of leads and the generation of better sales.

On the other hand, generating content also serves other purposes in addition to educating the user, such as :

Publicize a brand.
Explain a service or product.
Promote the vision of a company.
Build trust.
Humanize the image of a brand.
The content creation process
When you are developing a marketing strategy it is a fact that you are going to elaborate content to make yourself known, however, this action should not be done by chance or by intuition of the marketing team. Creating content has a process that we must keep in mind so that the investment of time and resources is not in vain, for this we must:

To plan
Before developing content, it is necessary to choose the formats and distribution channels. For this, it is necessary to analyze all the aspects that influence the decision of what and how the content will be prepared.

This stage is where the short and long-term objectives of the strategy are defined, who they are aimed at, the publication schedule and the keywords that are planned to be positioned.

To begin we need to know 2 decisive factors that will help us define the other variables: the buyer person and the buyer journey .

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In the case of the buyer person – buyer profile – it is necessary because they are the potential customers who need or may be interested in consuming what you offer, they are the people for whom you are going to develop the content.

When you know who you want to reach, you can define the means of distribution, as it can collect data on their behavior patterns, demographic location, character, problems, needs, and what platforms they use.

When it comes to the buyer journey – or buyer journey, knowing where your prospect is in the buying process is a factor that will help you determine the specific problems they are facing, whether they are still discovering their problem and look for general solutions or you are already considering purchase options.

You need to create a series of different contents that are designed both for all types of personal buyers and for the different stages of the journey: recognition, consideration and decision (the closing of the sale). Not only to give answers at the right time, but to educate them through the process and thus generate better sales.

Something that can help you is to consider special dates such as Christmas, May 10, February 14 ( how to use February 14 in your digital marketing strategy ) among others to have relevant content ideas for the month.

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