Which denomination from 100 to 2000 has the highest expectation

According to Wikipedia : In probability theory and statistics, the expected value of a discrete random variable (or mathematical expectation, also referred to as expectation, called expected value in physics) is the result of each possible outcome in an experiment multiplied by its result the sum of the odds. In other words, the expected value is like a random experiment repeated many times


The expected value may not be equal to each result

In other words, the expected value is a weighted average of the output values ​​of that Portugal Phone Number variable. The expected value is not necessarily contained within its distribution range, nor is it necessarily equal to the range mean. I don’t understand it very well, right? As long as the reader understands a concept, the expectation is positive, and it is a way to make money. Let’s take an example to illustrate it more clearly. Suppose there are

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The algorithm is very simple, the sum of all occurrences

The expected value. A winner can get 600 with no losses. After understanding the simple concept of expected value, we can simplify the algorithm of expected value to the following formula Expected value = (Total bonus – Total cost) / Number of people Through the above formula, readers will find that as long as the size of the bonus and the investment is compared, the

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